our main aim at Apocalypse is to mastermind a perfect #acoustic #world by excogitation through expert advice, complete services and products.
As acousticians, engineers, musicians and applied technologists we look for problems to solve. Today, we are relentlessly flattening and instinctively want to perfect things around us to make them more effectual and complete. We call it repairing the world.


Our Inception: Since our first project over 23 years ago , Apocalypse and its associates has been helping individuals, corporates, businesses, media, transportation, health, entertainment, educational, defense sectors and House of Worships to build and establish audio, video, lighting, media and acoustic (AVLMA) independent but interrelated elements with interacting artifacts, they are designed to work as a coherent entity that conveys, communicates and imparts effortlessly with the receivers and are free from discordant qualities.

Our Technology: Apocalypse has been a reliable source of dependency wherever acoustics, vibrations, or speech, audio and sound quality play an important role. We are not only one of Asia’s leading service providers in the comprehensive analysis of sound and vibration; our expertise and pioneering role in the measurement and optimization of speech and audio quality in all areas of communications technology are also recognized nationwide.

Our Clientele: Our customers value the combination of cutting-edge measurement technology with decades of experience in a commercial or industrial setting. We offer scalable solutions for the specific problems posed by a wide variety of applications. As a service, our experts develop acoustic optimization approaches – in close cooperation with our customers and tailored to their individual needs.

We are the Gods of Beau Ideal. we are the Makers of Perfection.

At Apocalypse-Teamwork: We work with the client and each other in a collaborative relationship, not a dictatorship.
At Apocalypse-Excellence: For all types of projects, all types of budgets, every project will be done with excellence.
At Apocalypse-Creativity: Every project will be custom, not a copy of another project. Custom solutions require creativity.
At Apocalypse-Honor & Respect: In everything we do, we will always honor the client, respect our team, and above all, we will honor God.
At Apocalypse- Beau Idéal: An ideal instance, a perfect embodiment of a concept, the idea inferred or derived from specific instances.
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