our main aim at Apocalypse is to mastermind a perfect #acoustic #world by excogitation through expert advice, complete services and products for high sound and vibration quality as well as functional and sustainable environments that offer space for recreation, learning, working, entertainment and supporting people’s well-being and health.

As acousticians, engineers, musicians and applied technologists we look for problems to solve. Today, we are relentlessly flattening and instinctively want to perfect things around us to make them more effectual and complete. We call it repairing the world.


Twenty Twenty Three, we’ve grown into a stark team of Qualified ENGineers and PROfessionals that deliver on the distinctive characteristics of our service: DESIGNINg beau Ideal resolutions and solutions EXCOGITATINg high-value systems with ease, FORMULATINg immersive point source soulful connections, OPERATINg within your budget, and EMPATHIZINg customer support & service that lasts long after we’ve finished the project.

We’ve spent more than two decades plus time amidst those boundaries helping communities, people and civilizations see what they want to feel and hear, so our disposition is to propose and make understand rather than engineer or capture.

We’ve worked all across our nation, giving listeners and recipients everywhere experiences they will treasure and cherish. So, let’s make your blueprint our next one. We are the makers of perfection.

OUR EXPERTISE: Drawing out our COGNITION from the paragon of APOTHEOSIS, METAPHYSICS and the inhabitants of Mount Olympus ECHO, AURRAS, APOLLOS, HEPHAESTUS and CLOTHO, We are the TEAM MOA & APOCALYPSE.
we have absorbed, immersed and educated very hard over the last 23 years to gain the finest cognition, qualifications and certifications possible to guarantee the most ACCURATE, EXACT and PRECISE answers and results to maximize on lineament in acoustics, audio and applied sciences.

We define it as, Creative velocity equals to accelerative beau ideal. We are the Makers of Perfection.

Fast forward to 2023, let’s move towards acoustics to psychoacoustics, to the science of sounds, learning and teaching their nature, the phenomena and laws, to the study of the perception of sound. Absolute frequency to relative frequency. Measure of frequency to measure of dispersion. Sound Transmission Class to Sound Transmission Loss. Let’s Move.

Acoustics looks first at the pressure levels and frequencies in the sound wave and how the wave interacts with the environment. This interaction can be described as either a diffraction, interference or a reflection or a mix of the three.

We offer declarations for all the three. When science is indeed an art?

Science is all about Constructive and destructive interference’s called as standing waves, In a longitudinal wave, the displacement of the particles happens parallel to the direction the wave travels, In contrast, the displacement of particles in the transverse wave is perpendicular to the direction the wave is traveling, there are Nodes and Anti Nodes, Progressive and Stationary waves, Overtones and Harmonics, Laws of Length to Laws of Vibrating Strings and the Laws of Tension, Longitudinal Vibration vs. Damped Vibration…..
…..Light and Critical Damping to Heavy Damping, Natural, Free to Forced Vibrations. Wavelength and Frequency to Reflection, Refraction and Diffraction. Noise Isolation to Noise Cancellations, Ambient Noise to Active Noise Cancellation, Discrete to Distinct, Continuous to Fluid. Sonic Character to temperature inversion to shadow zones to Variational principles. From classical mechanics to relativity, and even quantum mechanics to Principle of Least Action.

We can derive the classical equations of motion without ever using Newton’s laws.

Are you with us?

We are the Gods of Beau Ideal. we are the Makers of Perfection. Please go through our Perfections.
Zestful Perfections
Reverent Perfections
Live Perfections
Club Life Perfections
Cinema Perfections
Work Space Perfections

Reach us at +91-40-66621266. Mobile: +91-93953 33255. Email : apocalypse@mail.org.

Direct: Hyderabad: +919848083140. Vijayawada and Vizag: +918498013140. Thiruvananthapuram: +9195625 83140.

Email :apocalypseglobal@gmail.com or apocalypse@consultant.com.

Visit us at www.apocalypseglobal.org or http://www.ministryofacoustics.com

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