Live Sound Engineering…Part 1

The basics of live sound mixing with an emphasis on non-technical details, and oriented towards acoustic music settings. It is based upon my experiences with sound at different places, Installations and a few other venues over the past 13 year. The definitive Goals of Live Sound Mixing Do what the artist wants. Not what YOUContinue reading “Live Sound Engineering…Part 1”


ACOUSTIC DIFFUSORS…….BY APOCALYPSE Diffusors are used to reduce or eliminate repetitive echoes that occur in rooms/halls having parallel walls and a flat ceiling. Although there are different philosophies about how much natural reverberation recording studios and listening rooms should have, all professional studio designers agree that periodic reflections caused by parallel walls are best avoided.Continue reading “ACOUSTIC DIFFUSORS…..BY APOCALYPSE”

Fundamentals of Room Acoustics

Most #sound #reinforcement #systems are located indoors, and the acoustical properties of the enclosed space have a profound effect on the system’s requirements and its performance. Our study begins with a #discussion of #sound #absorption and #reflection, the growth and decay of #sound fields in a room, #reverberation, direct and reverberant sound fields, critical distance,Continue reading “Fundamentals of Room Acoustics”