Live Sound Engineering…Part 1

The basics of live sound mixing with an emphasis on non-technical details, and oriented towards acoustic music settings.

  • It is based upon my experiences with sound at different places, Installations and a few other venues over the past 13 year.
  1. The definitive Goals of Live Sound Mixing
  • Do what the artist wants. Not what YOU want.
  • Get the best sound in the hall you can with the equipment available. Don’t Dream for what U cant Get….in the Hall.
  • As a subsidiary to these, you are typically a consultant to the venue (or the artist if you are traveling with them) regarding the appropriate equipment necessary for providing a quality aural experience for the audience.
  • This means, if you are engineer for a venue, carefully reading the sound riders for a visiting artist, being certain that you will have the equipment requested available or, if not, being certain that the artist has approved whatever modifications you suggest.
  • If you are traveling sound engineer for an artist, this means making certain that a complete, detailed sound rider is made available to all venues well before the performance, and making yourself available to discuss these with a representative of the venue.
  • At the Venue…..
  • Start Up Technically, Following the Signal
  • Proceeding with following the audio signal from the artist through the various wires and equipment until it reaches the speakers.
  • This is the usual procedure to apply whenever there is some problem with the system that you don’t know the cause for – follow the signal, carefully checking each lead, plug and piece of equipment until you isolate the problem. A bit of background definitions and equations will be given in the first section, but these really gloss over a lot of the details, so see the references for more on this.

Next Post Ill be covering How to measure Signals, Microphones &other Inputs, Mixer & Mixing….So on and On and on….

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