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Engrossing the congregation in order to make services and speech relevant and attentive is a challenge for all houses of worship. If the worshipers can’t understand what’s being said, the message is lost. Therefore the ability to provide good sound reinforcement is essential, and this begins at the input stage. Discerning this, Cathedral of MEDAK relied on BOSE Professional for its Audio upgradation.

Presbyter Incharge of CATHEDRAL PASTORATE of MEDAK, Rev. Robinson, has many responsibilities within the church, including serving as the Main Presbyter, training the assistant presbyters, understanding the importance of worship, raising up volunteers, maintaining the church’s audio arsenal, and overseeing purchases.

Medak Cathedral at Medak in Telangana, India, is the largest church in Telangana and has been the cathedral church of the Diocese of Medak of the Church of South India since 1947. Originally built by British Wesleyan Methodists, it was consecrated on 25 December 1924. The Medak diocese is the single largest diocese in Asia and the second in the world after the Vatican.

This cathedral was built under the stewardship of Reverend Charls Walker Posnett who was driven by the motto my best for my Lord. Rev. Posnett arrived in Secunderabad in 1895. He first ministered among the British soldiers at Trimullghery. Unsatisfied with the army work, he launched forth into villages. In the year 1896, Rev. Charles Walker Posnett visited a village called Medak and built a bungalow there by staying in dock bungalow.

The cathedral is 100 ft (30 m) wide and 200 ft (61 m) long, and conforms to the Gothic Revival style. It can accommodate about 5,000 people at a time. The mosaic tiles were imported from Britain and are of six different colours. Italian masons from Bombay were engaged for laying the decorative flooring. Massive pillars built with fine-hewn and well dressed grey stone support the gallery and the whole edifice. The roof of the church is made sound-proof by means of hollow sponge material, and has an impressive style of vaulting, with a Measured RT of 0.66. The surface of the vaulting has the shape of squares. The bell-tower is 175 ft (53 m) high. (It is said that when the Nizam of Hyderabad discovered that the church would be higher than the Charminar, he made a vain bid to have its height reduced.

The roof has been cast to ensure best acoustics and sound proof made by hollow sponge material to have an impressive style of vaulting. With its immensity and beauty, this century old church stands out as one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in India.

Medak Cathedral is a multi-generational, multi-ethnic, traditional Anglican Protestant Christian church,’ he explained. Our services are Anglican and multi-sensory. We utilize the Anglican traditional style of service including instruments and big choir. It is essential that all speech, dialogue, music and vocal performances reach the congregation with a high level of speech intelligibility for singing, a natural, musical sound quality. To achieve this, we depended on BOSE AUDIO SOLUTION.

The audio system design involved a total of Eight MA 12 vertical line array System deployed at FOH in a L-R configuration with 4 cabinets on either side on the Main Pillars, supporting the main speakers we configured the inner fill using six BOSE DS 100 SE’s and the upper and altar fills with eight BOSE DS 40 SE’s cabinets on either side of the cathedral. Control would be provided from a single Bose Control Space ESP-4120 engineered sound processor in an open-architecture DSP with 4×12 fixed analog audio connected through a Behringer SX 3242 FX mixing console, while microphones from AKG Perception Dual wireless, D5 Wired, CGN Goosenecks and Groove Instrument series completed the design. For the monitors BEHRINGER B415 Active which are run through a DBX 231S-Dual Band Analogue Graphic Equalizer to Cut the Lower Frequency and maintain the audio quality without howling and ringing.

We formulated and developed this system design keeping in mind the various points that members of the church committee had discussed with us during our meetings,’ recalled Mr. Anil Noel Flemming, Lead Project Designer and Consultant-Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp. ‘With all the details in place, we figured that the BOSE Solution with MA Vertical Line Arrays would be the better fit for the audio upgradation project, keeping in mind its compact structure, aesthetically pleasing appearance and of course its performance, all in an easy to use and maintain bundle. And advancing on the fundamental of “easy to use”, the Behringer SX 3242 FX analogue console fits perfectly into the mix with the best in class sound processor for complete control and clarity.

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