Nightclub fire or FIRES, while rare, poses the potential to be particularly lethal because so many people are inside the nightclub and not everyone is thinking clearly, before the panic sets in. It can pose a deadly sequence of events without proper planning. But, what can you, as a nightclub owner or a regular clubber, do something to prevent nightclub fires?

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Fires causing deaths in nightclubs and party halls could have been avoided if international nightlife safety and security standards were implemented and if there had been more control on using proper fire retardant or rated materials in acoustics, furnishings, ceilings and decorative elements.

The aim of the Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp is to introduce the “International Nightlife Safety Seal” to guarantee patron´s safety inside venues. We regularly try to educate club owners to verify if they meet necessary mandated security measures and basic prevention requirements for lasting entertainment and secured and safe clubbing.

These include:

  • Clearly lit emergency routes, corridors, door and exits.
  • Use of Flame retardant and fire-resistant structure, acoustics, construction, decorative elements, furnishings, acoustic ceilings and interiors.
  • Smoke detectors and sprinklers.
  • Non-flammable insulation and Isolation processes.
  • Trained security personnel.
  • Fire extinguishers checked regularly and other instruments to ensure patrons safety…


The blaze at the rooftop pub started during a party at 1Above restaurant and spread rapidly to Mojo’s Bistro next door in MUMBAI, Killing 14 people instantaneously, among those killed were 11 women, including Khushboo Mehta, who was celebrating her 29th birthday with her friends. On the 28 December 2017


At the end of the day, we insist a thorough investigation takes place and management, party organizers must pay for the consequences of this tragedy which has caused irreplaceable loss to innocent people and to the established nightlife industry. We promote and defend venues which provide a safe nightlife experience and invest wisely in safety. We also want to encourage people to report unsafe or illegal venues, so that tragedies like this one can be avoided. We offer our organization to receive these reports and send them to the competent authority requesting action be taken including the immediate closure of an illegal venues. We are confident we can help avoid these tragedies in the future. #WAKEUPINDIA

Finally, we want to honor the lost patrons, and present once again our sincerest condolences to all the families who lost their loved ones in the fire.


Despite your best efforts to limit or minimize your exposure to fires, accidents happen sometimes. Electrical fires, equipment malfunctions, material flammability and even lightning strikes can cause destructive fires to damage your nightclub. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you have embedded adequate design knowledge with Technical expertise and Support while bringing a DANCE CLUB or a NIGHT CLUB into existence. We do take care of your business if a fire does happen and help you get your club back up on its feet in the aftermath by offering you the best in class Noise Isolation, Premium Acoustic, Audio and Media Solutions at value for money.

If you’re a nightclub owner, speak with a specialist at Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp to obtain design with technical solution in view of the unfortunate event your club is struck with a nightclub fire, or you can directly contact us before planning a dance club or a nightclub. It’s better to be wise before than foolish after….Threshold of Salvation. Visit us at or reach at +919395333255.

Way Mag1What everyone says: Kamala Mills Fire. Visit

  • There have been allegations that civic authorities ignored construction irregularities and violated safety norms in the compound.
  • The fire is suspected to have started a little after 12.30 am and spread quickly. Witnesses said the entire building was engulfed in flames in less than half-an-hour.
  • The fire is believed to have spread further as the roof of the restaurant was made of bamboo and tarpaulin sheets. “Almost all (the victims) died of asphyxiation,