Common Practice isn’t Always Common

#Balancing the #Unbalanced

Proud to be a #Hyderabadi

weekends Ajeeb dastan (Strange Stories)

Do you Know that the science of sound, incorporates the laws of physics as its fundamental?

Therein lies the answer of #Betzalel the foremost architectural #designer, who was evidently right that common practice dictates structure first, contents second. Today, we see common practice as the mentality that demands proper order and a natural #progression. #everyone follows this (dumb) #rule.

But to go #backwards?

To jump #straight to the #intense stuff before #squaring away the #basics? That’s balanced. That’s just how #things #work out for us.

We Call it the BALANCING ACT 2022.

At #Apocalypse, Our #apotheosis and conception lies in the Model of excellence and perfection of a unique #kind; one having no equal. We are incisive, Sharp and levelheaded. We are indeed the #Pros.

Today effective acoustical engineering or soundproofing or noise abatement isn’t as simple as it is portrayed, said and found on www and carried out by the amateurs, to attain low quality living spaces or environments.

On the contrary our stark team is comprised of qualified professionals who expertise in perfecting these outdoor and indoor environments.

Reach us at or call us at +919848083140.

We are the Makers of perfection.