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Have you Ever Heard about ACOUSTIC DYNAMICS?

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When you are in charge of a nightclub or dance club, you may understand the #effort that goes into ensuring that sound quality is properly managed. If there is too much sound escaping from your nightclub, then you risk running into problems with the authorities as well as neighboring businesses. On the other hand, if the music volume inside your nightclub is too low, you run the risk of losing your customers who generally tend to prefer loud music.

One of the easiest ways out of this dilemma is to ensure that you manage the acoustic dynamics of your club well. This means ensuring that very little noise escapes or enters the neighbor’s premises.

There is end number of measures that you can take to acoustically treat your nightclub. Firstly you should hire an Acoustic Consultant without delay or hesitation.

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Below are some methods that you can employ:
Sound dampening or deadening or muffling:
These are some of the most basic approaches to acoustic treatment and are generally the easiest to implement. They include speakers repositioning from the walls to the ground. Another measure is using vibration pads beneath the speakers to define the vibration. These however are basic measures and will not be effective for quality powerful speakers.
Live Stages
For nightclubs that often feature live performances, you can control sound by soundproofing or sound absorption for your performance stage.
Soundproofing Walls
If all these measures do not work, it might be time to soundproof your walls (please consult your acoustic consultant) There are numerous ways to go about this depending on the initial design of your nightclub. A more effective (but expensive) approach is to strip down the walls and ceiling and rebuild them afresh using acoustic panels with a high STC rating.
A common way in which noise escapes from a nightclub is through its doors and windows. Try Stopping it.
Finally Word of Caution: Make sure all the material you use for your walls and ceiling come with standards of Fire Rating. Clubbers lives are important.
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