Weekend’s Acoustics

Just how important are acoustics in everyday architecture today?

You’ve got the layout, the right considerations and the materials you’ll be using. Everything in your architectural design is going to be perfect… right?


We are seldom aware of how much we can hear.  We receive a total impression of the thing we are looking at and give no thought to the various senses that have contributed to that impression. (Steen Eiler Rasmussen)

Today, one of the most overlooked areas of architectural design is acoustics: how sound is reflected, scattered and absorbed in the areas around us. For the naked eye (or ear) good room acoustics are seldom noticeable and are often only consulted when acoustics serve the primary function, such as in a concert hall or arena. 

Photo frames mockup

But we can all relate to an overly noisy restaurant where you struggle to hear what the person opposite you is saying, where you’re straining to hear every other word.

BINGO, you’ve identified acoustics!

The fact is, good acoustics are important in almost any setting that’s why it’s essential to get them right from the beginning.

It’s a lot easier to build good acoustics into a space or project at the outset, from the design phase through construction, than it is to adjust things later on which are so complicated.

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