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Open concept spaces in office buildings are designed to foster collaboration and remove barriers between employees, such as office walls and cubicle barriers.


Counterintuitively, however, Harvard University’s Business Review reports that face-to-face interactions actually fell by 70% when companies made the switch to open offices post covid phase.

We are seldom aware of how much we can hear, The main reason was Sound can travel across entire open spaces in such offices, creating distractions that can be avoided only if insulated walls are in place which are designed by professionals like us.

BINGO, you’ve identified acoustics!

Ringing phones, employee conferences, and noise from office machinery such as keyboards, vending machines, photocopiers can make employees want to hunker down rather than open up and interact more.

Removing sound isolation, ironically, can create a desire for more actual isolation in such offices. Call us to interpret sound isolation.

The fact is, good acoustics are important in almost any setting that’s why it’s essential to get them right from the beginning.

It’s a lot easier to build good acoustics into a space or project at the outset, from the design phase through construction, than it is to adjust things later on which are so complicated.

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