#Need of the Hour, Lucid and Pragmatic Soundproofing

Please recycle your thoughts #Responsibly?

#why do you need a #Acoustician?

Today, most people see the shaped or large acoustic #panels hanging on ceilings & walls, and assume that they are there as some sort of #soundproofing, volume #dampening #apparatus or magical sound absorbers.

This is not the whole case, although it’s not too far off.

Acoustic panels are used to absorb a part of sound waves, which result in fewer waves’ #reflecting off hard surfaces like walls, to create a less #LIVE room with much less natural #reverb and #delay. This Live Room always creates a perceived loss in #volume, but the actual purpose is to make sure the sound waves DIE off before they get a chance to reflect off #multiple hard surfaces.

Kindly note that a #completely #DEAD room without any natural reverb is not ideal either, at least for a #auditorium or house of worship or a live music #setting.

As Acoustician’s our #GOAL is a #balanced system with just the right amount of natural room reverb.

Let’s not be #statistic or #ironical. We as the seasoned acousticians see it time and time again with people not getting what they paid for and not maximizing the possibilities of their passion or need with the right #professionals like us.

Let’s wake-up outstanding generation not to deceptive, misleading, misinforming claims of the #amateurs but to professional #hypothesis and #apotheosis of the sound #wave.

We comprehend the properties, phenomena, and #laws of #physical #sciences

#Answers, #solutions and #perfections only at Apocalypse.  

Reach us at or call us at +919848083140


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