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PREMIUM X PRESS: Beau Xpansive is a pro service provider you can engage for Guidance, Products and specialty design. It’s a fast track process which is pleasant and Lucrative, you earn redeemable points for each service you engage from us. Beau Xpansive projects or services are quick, fast, easy, efficient, larger cover and next level. Psychometric tests are available on booking. We are the Gods of Beau Ideal Dedicated to Perfection. Try us now. It’s all about You. Value Starts from INR 69999/- Upwards. Applicable for Luxury Home Cinema, Work Spaces, Entertainment Spaces, Educational Spaces, Residential Spaces, Healthcare Spaces and Industrial Spaces.

ACOUSTICAL CONSULTING, ENGINEERING & AV DESIGN SCIENCES: We are one of the nation’s leading independent acoustical consulting and AV design firms, working with architects, engineers, facility directors, building owners, Corporates, Government and municipalities to engineer acoustically pleasing spaces.

BASIC CONSULTANCY For AV, ARCHITECTURAL ACOUSTICS & NOISE STARTS from INR 19999/- Upwards. With Stark expertise in AV system design services, architectural acoustics, noise abatement and vibration control, We facilitate in enhancing sound reproduction, reduce sound transmission, sound reflection and control noise and vibration to deliver optimum acoustical environments for your rooms, buildings, facilities, indoor and outdoor spaces.

We are pioneers in the field of acoustics, electroacoustics, sound systems design and we specialize in audio for high-performance spaces. We Provide end to end Turn Key Solutions.

ROOM ACOUSTICS: VALUE Starts from INR 2.99 Lacs Upwards. Its a Professional Standard (Industry Grade Solution) Scope of work shall be Limited to Tests, Analysis and Solution. This is a VALUE BASED SOLUTION with predictive modelling. Room acoustics describes how sound behaves in an enclosed space. Sound of different frequencies behaves differently in a room. Reflections between walls, floor and ceiling create room modes at specific frequencies and locations. Reflections also produce reverberation. This Solution is Applicable for home theaters, cinema theaters, class rooms, test rooms or labs, worship spaces, entertainment spaces, clubs and other rooms where acoustic signature has to be refined or defined.

ACOUSTICAL ENGINEERING-ARCHITECTURAL, Physical, Engineering, Structural, Physiological and Psychological Acoustics.

ROOM CORRECTION-General Class: Solution Starts from INR 179999/- Upwards. Scope of work is limited to Tests and Analysis only with Partial Correction. VALUE BASED SERVICE: Room Correctional Services Post predictive modelling with Analysis and spectral illustration. Theoretically, the sound wave (WAVE PROPAGATION) has reflections at the walls, floor and ceiling of any space or room. The incident wave then has interference with the reflected one. This action creates standing waves that generate nodes and high-pressure zones, eliminating or correcting them is a challenge. At Apocalypse we undertake this with utter ease using the modal density criteria. All rooms and spaces reflection times can be corrected and desired RT is achieved. This Solution is applicable for existing Home theaters, worship spaces, night clubs, classrooms, work spaces, boardrooms, video conference halls, seminar halls, AV halls, Auditoriums, Community Halls and residential and work spaces.

ARCHITECTURAL ACOUSTICS (Industry Grade): Solution start from INR 679999/- Upwards. Scope of work shall be to achieve good sound within a building. At Apocalypse, we specialize in the design, modeling and engineering of architectural acoustics. Architectural acoustics (also known as building acoustics) is the science and engineering of achieving a good sound within a building. Architectural acoustics is about achieving good speech intelligibility in a home or cinema or opera theatre, restaurant or classroom or railway station, enhancing the quality of music in a concert hall or recording studio, or suppressing noise to make offices and homes more productive and pleasant places to work and live in. Architectural acoustic design is usually done by Professional consultants like us not and is not a chore of amateurs.

ACOUSTICAL SIMULATION with Predictive Modeling (Pre & Post) Sound and Noise Mapping. Solution Start from INR 339999/- Upwards. This is a Project Based or Case to Case Application. Our VALUE BASED Design and acoustic assessment services with progressive analysis include: Measurement and monitoring of community, urban and occupational noise. Assessing and monitoring noise dosimetry. Environmental impact studies. Testing to assess compliance with noise ordinances. Architectural acoustics design & acquisitions. Airborne or Community Noise, vibration isolation studies. Using sophisticated acoustical modeling software, measured noise and vibration data, and engineering calculations, our consultants and engineers predict and assess acoustical environments to identify potential problems and recommend acoustical solutions.

ACOUSTIC MEASUREMENTS-Professional (Industry Standard): Solution Starts @INR 199999/- Upwards. Project Based output Only. We provides a wide range of acoustic measurement services regarding sound transmission, reverberation, reflection, diffusion, absorption, vibration, and other acoustic metrics as per professional standards like ISO, ASTM and BS. Acoustic measurement services are often employed for environmental impact studies, determining levels of occupational noise, compliance with noise ordinances, and determining solutions to architectural acoustics design problems and work place or community noise monitoring.

BUILDING SYSTEMS NOISE & VIBRATION CONTROL: Acoustical Engineering Specialty- Value Starts for INR 89999/- Upwards. We at Apocalypse, consult on building systems design, Consultation and immediate remedies on building systems design, materials selection, equipment location to control noise and vibration including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and other building and mechanical systems are undertaken at Apocalypse as a turnkey project (Pre or Post Stage of Construction). Acoustical Engineering design is usually done by Professional consultants like us not and is not a chore of amateurs.

AIR QUALITY TESTING with Gas Monitoring for Covid Particles-Molecular: Value Starts @INR 199999/- Upwards. Present times we are living with persistent air quality concerns in our homes, work spaces or environments for months or years before we decide that we need the help of a professional environmental engineer. Today, Post Covid world everyone in the home or work spaces may have been suffering from allergies, frequent colds and flu’s, chronic congestion, or just general lethargy. These issues become the new normal, and we don’t realize that we can feel better until we spend some time outside of the home on a vacation or trip. Suddenly you feel like you can finally breathe, and you begin to wonder if the air quality in your home might be dragging you down. We even know that professional inspection and testing services can be expensive, and most people don’t even know where to start. We have put together a cost-effective inspection and testing package that covers most of the common indoor and commercial air quality concerns. Life is Important, After life is also very important. Reach us, we have a solutions for both.


ELECTRO ACOUSTICS-Professional Audio Engineering and Sound Reinforcement. Designing, Planning, Sound Systems & Sound Reinforcement-SOLUTION STARTS from INR 399999/- Upwards. STARK SOLUTION for the BRILLIANT. We are proficient in this Field as our foundations and fundamentals are based on SOUND . Our content of cognition for every sound system is that, it should not necessarily make sound louder and produce distortive sound waves, but should provide equal, intelligible sound for all, We produce that excogitation. Basically, An example of the sound reinforcement system is the combination of microphones, signal processors, amplifiers, and loudspeakers in enclosures all controlled by a mixing console that makes live or pre recorded sounds louder and may also distribute those sounds to a larger or more distant audience in pristine clarity and intelligibility. This Solution is Applicable for all spaces where amplification of sound and behavior of sound is important, residential, commercial, educational, entertainment or healthcare.

DESIGN: Psychoacoustics, Speech & Musical Acoustics. General Class. Scope of work is limited to Designing, Modelling, Integration: Value Starts from INR 179999/- Upwards. We specialize primarily, in designing and incorporating today’s cutting edge architectural design with acoustic perfection for electroacoustics systems within a specific spatial setting, Architectural Acoustics means melding and incorporating the acoustical properties of a space within the physical boundaries (room shape, materialization, uses) presented in a turnkey project. In doing so each turnkey project receives its own unique and unparalleled signature. Pricing Mentioned is variable, as sizes and components play a vital part. Industry standard designing and system integration shall be provided in this solution. Applicable for Auditoriums, Clubs, Worship Places, Conference Rooms, Hospitality Centers and other spaces where audio plays a vital role of influence.

PLANNING: Psychoacoustics, Surround Sound, Sound Localization and Cognition of Music- VALUE STARTS FROM INR 99999/- Upwards. We exercise our mind to multifarious thinking process to zero on the complete perfection. Planning-cognitive process of thinking as an architect for a new space or building or remodel is responsible to work out in advance on paper most all of the dreams and nightmares that accompany the building of a room or space. Planning-cognitive process of thinking as an acoustic engineer, to the design team early in the design stage insures that the sound and noise will work for the room or the space. Planning-cognitive process of thinking as an audio engineer, reviewing the architectural plans and “reclines” or making comments and suggestions about improving the acoustical aspects of the design with acoustic signature of the space. Planning-cognitive process of thinking as an electrical engineer understanding the load factor required for each required equipment, to be installed with proper provisions and including today’s technology with scalability & More

AV TECHNOLOGY MASTER PLANNING: VALUE BASED SOLUTION Starts at INR 369999/- Upwards. At Apocalypse, Long-term AV technology plans with a clear, concise strategy, creative solutions and a roadmap providing ongoing continuity to guide the management process for current and future AV technology needs is undertaken. and is divided into two categories. Planning and Design: Where Long-term AV infrastructure planning and design strategy to plan, design, and build in features into infrastructure today, tomorrow and day after tomorrow is formulated, to facilitate future system expansions and upgrades for scalability. Audiovisual Systems Design: Comprehensive, unified audiovisual systems design providing end-to-end systems design, technology, and software recommendations with scalability is forged.

Independent Acoustical and AV Consultants: Finally, we work as an independent acoustical and AV consulting firm. We don’t represent any brands, manufacturers, or contractors. We do not sell materials, technology, or products.   We make independent, unbiased recommendations—and charge only for our expert analysis and consultation services. While we do not sell products, we can and do specify acoustical and AV products and technology, and solicit competitive bids from various vendors on behalf of our clients.



SIX prestigious brands -JBL Synthesis, Mark Levinson, Revel, Lexicon, Arcam & Elipson – come together to offer the most advanced high-performance audio systems available. From the finest stereo listening to state-of-the-art multichannel home theater systems, the HARMAN Luxury Audio Group delivers pure, uncompromised sound brought to you by Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh. Dedicated to the Art of Listening, this new Luxury Audio Studios offers premium listening experience in a modern and dynamic environment. Featuring an original spatial concept based on a musician’s loft, the studios showcase the most exclusive luxury systems and speakers from premium Luxury Audio brands as well as a state-of-the-art JBL Synthesis Basic 7.4.4 home theater experience to the Luxurious 15.4.8 Dolby Atmos. HARMAN Luxury Audio products are perfectly tailored to the needs of true audiophiles that appreciate the combination of PURITY IN SOUND for creating an artistic audio experience.

Pre Booking VALUE start from over from INR 899999/- upwards.

OTHER SERVICES: We can even review bids for compliance with specifications, and offer vendor selection recommendations based solely on your best interests. Value Applicable.

Apocalypse….#Threshold of #Salvation   Reach us at apocalypse@mail.org or call us at +919848083140 or +919395333255 or visit us at http://www.apocalypseindia.com


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