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APOCALYPSE ACOUSTIC SCIENCES CORP:Masters: Acoustical-Audio-Applied Sciences

Acoustical Consulting, Engineering & AV Design Services:
Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp is one of the nation’s leading independent acoustical consulting and AV design firms, working with architects, engineers, facility directors, building owners, Corporates, Government and municipalities to engineer acoustically pleasing spaces. With expert architectural acoustics, noise and vibration control, and audiovisual systems design services, we help you enhance sound reproduction, reduce sound transmission, and control noise and vibration to deliver optimum acoustical environments for your buildings, facilities, and indoor and outdoor spaces.

Room Acoustics: Complete Predictive Modelling with consultancy and Pre and Post Analysis for Room Acoustics. Solution Based. INR 329000/-.

Room Correction: Complete Room Correctional Services with Modelling and Analysis. Applicable for Remake overs of Home Theaters, Home Studios, Study Rooms and WFH Isolated Booths. Solution Starts from INR 179999/-.

Architectural Acoustics: Engineering, design, and modeling services provide architects, engineers, Corporates, entertainment spaces, building owners, and facilities directors with viable, effective, efficient perfect acoustical solutions to improve acoustics for existing and new buildings, spaces, rooms, and facilities. #Perfections #Masterminded Starts @ INR 649999/-

Acoustical Design : At Apocalypse, Acoustical design solutions including timely decisions in the conceptual and pre-construction phases as well as existing and retro-fit projects recommending size, shape, and materials to achieve optimum acoustical performance. #Perfections #Formulated Starts @ INR 329999/- upwards. Project Based or Case to Case Application.

Acoustical Engineering: At Apocalypse, Expert acoustical engineering services including diagnostics and analysis for engineering solutions that enhance performance in acoustically demanding spaces. #Perfections #Directed Starts @ INR 499999/- Upwards. Solution Based Only.

Acoustical Measurements : At Apocalypse, Precision measurement of sound transmission, reverberation, reflection, diffusion, absorption, vibration, and other acoustic metrics for acoustical diagnostics and predictive modelling are undertaken. #Perfections #Processed Starts @INR 189999/-. Project Based output Only.

Acoustical Modeling- Acoustical Simulation & Predictive Modeling (Pre & Post): As Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp, we use sophisticated acoustical modeling software to predict and assess acoustical environments, identify potential problems, and recommend solutions. Some of the Software’s we use are SoundPLAN, EASE, CadnaA & CadnaR. #Perfections #Patterned Starts @ INR 399999/-

Building Systems Noise & Vibration Control :We at Apocalypse, consult on building systems design, materials selection, and equipment location to control noise and vibration including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and other building and mechanical systems. Consultation with Solution Based Service Starts @ INR 79999/-. Only


ELECTRO ACOUSTICS: Today Sound Systems should not necessarily make sound louder but should provide equal intelligible sound for All. We expertise in this Field. This branch of acoustic engineering deals with the design of headphones, microphones, loudspeakers, sound systems, sound reproduction and recording. Expertise Starts @ INR 369999/-

Architectural Acoustics for Churches and Worship Centers: At Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp, our independent acoustical consultants work closely with church and worship center architects, clergy, building committees, and music and technology directors to achieve the desired church acoustics. We use sophisticated acoustics modeling software to predict reverberation, reflection, and other acoustical concerns—such as isolating private consultation and prayer/reflection rooms from meeting spaces, and sanctuaries from ancillary rooms and functional spaces. Predictive modeling of church and worship center acoustics helps us shape and design the acoustical performance for new facilities, renovations, and historical restoration projects. #Perfecting #Technology, Expertise Starts @ INR 179999/-

AV Technology Master Planning : At Apocalypse, Long-term AV technology plans with a clear, concise strategy, creative solutions and a roadmap providing ongoing continuity to guide the management process for current and future AV technology needs is undertaken. AV Infrastructure Planning and Design: Long-term AV infrastructure planning and design strategy to plan, design, and build in features into infrastructure now, to facilitate future system expansions and upgrades. Audiovisual Systems Design: Comprehensive, unified audiovisual systems design providing end-to-end systems design, technology, and software recommendations. Expertise Starts @ 379999/-

Independent Acoustical and AV Consultants: Finally, we work as an independent acoustical and AV consulting firm. We don’t represent any brands, manufacturers, or contractors. We do not sell materials, technology, or products.   We make independent, unbiased recommendations—and charge only for our expert analysis and consultation services. While we do not sell products, we can and do specify acoustical and AV products and technology, and solicit competitive bids from various vendors on behalf of our clients.

We review bids for compliance with specifications, and offer vendor selection recommendations based solely on your best interests.

Apocalypse….#Threshold of #Salvation   Reach us at or call us at +919848083140 or +919395333255 or visit us at


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