#Intelligent #Sound #Engineering -Repost by #Apocalypse #Acoustics-Part 2.

https://intelligentsoundengineering.wordpress.com/2018/03/12/greatest-jaes-papers-of-all-time-part-2/ We #deliver #cutting #edge #technology in the #field of #architectural #acoustic #design and #analysis, #combined with #audio, #media #engineering and #noise #isolation reach us at +919395333255 or mail us at apocalypse@mail.org

#Intelligent #Sound #Engineering -Repost by #Apocalypse #Acoustics

https://intelligentsoundengineering.wordpress.com/2018/03/05/greatest-jaes-papers-of-all-time-part-1-2/ We #deliver #cutting #edge #technology in the #field of #architectural #acoustic #design and #analysis, #combined with #audio, #media #engineering and #noise #isolation reach us at +919395333255 or mail us at apocalypse@mail.org

Cathedral of Medak Banks on Bose

MEDAK CATHEDRAL, TELANGANA. INDIA. Engrossing the congregation in order to make services and speech relevant and attentive is a challenge for all houses of worship. If the worshipers can’t understand what’s being said, the message is lost. Therefore the ability to provide good sound reinforcement is essential, and this begins at the input stage. DiscerningContinue reading “Cathedral of Medak Banks on Bose”

What is Reverberation by Apocalypse Part 2

What is Reverberation? Part Two (Continued from Part One) You can say, What on earth is reverberation time? How do I treat it.? In a room with high absorption or with few reflections the sound dies immediately or very quickly allowing us to reply. Well what is the time taken for noise to stop after theContinue reading “What is Reverberation by Apocalypse Part 2”

What is Reverberation by Apocalypse Part 1

What is Reverberation??? Reverberation is another name for what most people know and understand as echo. The following analogy explains what reverberation is quite concisely without getting overly technical. If you press the accelerator pedal of a car, the car accelerates to a certain speed. If the road is smooth and level the speed willContinue reading “What is Reverberation by Apocalypse Part 1”

Ten Line Array Myths by Apocalypse

Line arrays are a fad Not true. Line arrays offer cogent means to increase coverage and SPL while reducing temporal distortion and the architectural footprint of the loudspeakers. Unless you are a speaker manufacturer without one, what’s not to like? J-Arrays improve the vertical coverage J-arrays consist of two totally different loudspeaker arrays. They performContinue reading “Ten Line Array Myths by Apocalypse”

Worship Perfections by Apocalypse

In churches, synagogues and worship centers large or small, words and music can sound incomprehensible to the congregation if sound is not properly controlled. Poor sound quality is common in churches because of an abundance of hard surface materials. Brick, marble, stone, tile, glass, wood and sheet rock are all acoustically reflective. Sound waves bounceContinue reading “Worship Perfections by Apocalypse”

Live Sound Engineering…Part 1

The basics of live sound mixing with an emphasis on non-technical details, and oriented towards acoustic music settings. It is based upon my experiences with sound at different places, Installations and a few other venues over the past 13 year. The definitive Goals of Live Sound Mixing Do what the artist wants. Not what YOUContinue reading “Live Sound Engineering…Part 1”

Fundamentals of Room Acoustics

Most #sound #reinforcement #systems are located indoors, and the acoustical properties of the enclosed space have a profound effect on the system’s requirements and its performance. Our study begins with a #discussion of #sound #absorption and #reflection, the growth and decay of #sound fields in a room, #reverberation, direct and reverberant sound fields, critical distance,Continue reading “Fundamentals of Room Acoustics”