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 This is the standard process we follow at MOA or Apocalypse. (Kindly note we cannot override this process)
PLEASE note: Acoustics, Audio and Media Engineering is a discipline of great importance for a sustainable development of our only PLANET EARTH, and at GODS OF BEAU IDEAL we make sure that we contribute and create concise compilations of key approved information’s for competent, systematic way of resolutions,
We acknowledge methods of research, general principles, and functional relationships in physical sciences and engineering as the Fundamental. We are certainly the GODS OF BEAU IDEAL.
Forethought: Competent perfections have to be worked out in a systematic, orderly and professional mode, we call it the classification of these propositions as the basis of veracity, whether they claim necessity, possibility or impossibility, and we will certainly perfect it. But we require your patience, corroboration, substantiation to commence, begin and finish.
We at Ministry of Acoustics and Gods of Beau Ideal (Apocalypse) help you create everlasting lifestyles, immersive entertainment, lively performances, exquisite concerts, placid conferences and cultured infinite’s that you as receiver or listener will remember for a lifetime. Listen to your heart and soul for the Service or Solution beforehand
This is the basic component in the formation of your concept. We make sure you are going to acquire that is necessary and perfect but lacking. You have come to the Right Place. We want to know some answers from you.
What you are planning, what is your application, what are you seeking to attain, who will be your audience, what you want to acquire luxury or essentials, and what fits your budget. We pay attention so we can find what works best for you.

Present a plan.

Firstly we need the site or space or rooms 360 Degree View through images or Videos (Below 1Mininute) or Photos of 4 Walls, One Ceiling and One Flooring.
Secondly we need your site or space or rooms’ accurate location, Drawings in 2D or 3D has to be shared with us. The acceptable formats are dwg, dxf and pdf only. (Drawings are Confidential, Let’s sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement)
Thirdly, Share your complete contact details, Name, Address, Landmark, Individual or Organization. Our Office Number is +919395333255 for sharing the details through available platforms- WhatsApp or telegram, or use apocalypseglobal@gmail.com for email communication.
Only After receiving the above Information, we could verify the arrived data, a concerned Consultant shall get back to you for more site or space or rooms related specifics for the targeted solution.

Make it happen.

Finally, we’ve understood and established your sample representation or concept, we shall propose recommendations for how to adequately achieve the experience you’re looking for with solution basics and price considerations. We make a design of your concept in systematic and often informative graphic forms. Charges will be applicable.
Once we collaborate and agree on your plan, we get to work on making sure your service or solution is a memorable experience. And it shall be….

Done Right. Cos we plan ahead and make sure every detail is taken care of.

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