Anything that just costs money is cheap. John Steinbeck.

Our Priceless Services

Ministry of Acoustics and Apocalypse’s Associates provide services for Acoustics, Electro Acoustics, Media Engineering, Soundproofing, Airproofing and Noise Isolation apprises to help usher you through to a world filled with more Repose and Serenity.

The majority of our clientele represent echoed projects. They are satiable with Conforming to facts and therefore worthy of belief. Hopefully for you these strong counsel and guidance can help unlock some of your lucid cerebration’s, while evidencing you how to PERFECT your project.

You can assuredly trust these insights, they are based on 26 years of prescribing through fundamental hypothesis and practical Acoustics, Electro Acoustics, Media Engineering, Soundproofing, Airproofing & Noise Isolation perfections.

There is An Old Proverb: Anything that just costs money is cheap. John Steinbeck.

We at Gods of Beau Ideal believe anything that costs money has value, but the measure of value increases when it takes more than just money to buy it. VALUE FOR LINEAMENT
Our contemplation is only upon perfection and not on imperfection. Our distinctive accomplishes are masterminded to achieve possibilities beyond human connections. Our stark services are provided through DIRECT-Single Point engagements with end users, customers, client representatives, engineers, architects, building owners and any part of the project teams. VALUE FOR CONNECTIONS.
CAUTION: Discard Onsite Help, Don’t become an imbecile, kindly avoid worthless, despicable, ineffective and ineffectual onsite remedies by amateurs or custom installers unless you need to desperately want to hurt yourselves with sound waves. We offer IDIOT PROOF Perfections at no extra cost. 
Please do not Pay for IMITATION: Please understand that, each application is tailored to match a room’s shape and size, the frequency pitch and description of the noise source, the surface textures in the room, and a variety of other issues that will combine to trigger  the  acoustic values you seek it can never be an imitation of OTHER SPACE or ROOM.
ALWAYS LIKE BEFORE YOU LEAP: Like every other engineer or service provider or seller or amateur or pro out there in today’s world, we to have Blogs,  Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest and Twitter accounts designed to help propel your knowledge, information and conversation forward. You are not the only one who has your same sound or noise issues, there are others just like you. Reach and share, learn and grow.  we welcome you to the  CONVERSATION COMMUNITY.
ALWAYS LEARN BEFORE YOU LEAP: Discover the solution most closely aligned to your own applications in our PRICELESS services guide. There you will find the definition of your same sound wave or sound or noise issue that we’ve been successfully treating over and over again since 26 years. From this service page if you can identify your required definition, we will then link you to the APPROPRIATE sound or noise consultant for your project!
ALWAYS LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP: Gods of Beau Ideal strongly encourages its alumni of customers to post their unfeigned critiques or results back on https://www.google.com/maps/place/Apocalypse+Acoustic+Sciences+Corp/@17.4386641,78.4918909 for your review. Learning how to perfect your sound or attenuate your noise is all about the art of replication. We will perform for you, what we’ve done for countless before you. Take a DEEPER look, and call our help desk for any questions related to what you DISCOVER.
DO NOT BE OVERSOLD: If you are here because of poor room acoustics or echos or reflections or noise problems, you may simply be SUFFERING from RT that are too long. Talk to us, A room not treated for sound control will typically have a standing Reverb Time. This is the length of time it will take for echo to die off in your space or room.  The problem is that human ear can tolerate just 1.5 to 2.0 seconds worth of reverberation before the echo turns to noise. We provide ABATEMENT perfections. Reach us.

Acoustical Designing: Acoustical Comfort. Architectural Acoustics, Acoustical Engineering, Acoustical Measurements & Acoustical Modeling-Mapping.

Building Systems: Building Acoustics, Room Acoustics. Airborne and Structure-borne Noise & Vibration Control, Airborne and Impact Transmission in Building Structures.

Other Specialty Areas: Forensic Acoustics, Industrial Acoustics, Cinema Acoustics-Commercial & Residential, House of Worship, Acoustic Signature for Synagogues, Churches, Mosque & Temples, Club Acoustics-Dance and Night Clubs.

Distinctive Perfections: Electro Acoustics, Visual Acoustics, Speech Intelligibility, Sabin-Predictions, Room Correction Services, Acoustical Predictions-Wave Equations & Room Modes. Bonello Criterion.


AV Technology-Designing, AV Infrastructure-Planning and Design, Audiovisual Systems-Designing, Audiovisual Systems-Commissioning.

Classified Perfections: Workplace-AV & Media, Conference & Board Room AV Solutions, Dance & Night Club AV Solutions, House of Worship AV Solutions, Cinema AV-Home and Commercial. Cabling Infrastructure: Design & Commissioning.

Predictive Modeling: Sound Energy and Sound Field, AV system Design with Prediction, Luxury Seating, Digital Signage, Fiber optic Lighting.


Air Quality Testing, Air Quality Monitoring, Ecological Researchers: Behaviorism-Cognitive & Social Ecology

Environmental Noise and Soundscapes: Noise Measurement, Noise Monitoring and Mapping, Noise Mitigation and Isolation, Acoustical Modeling, Vibration Measurement, Vibration Isolation, Noise Isolation Work spaces, Noise Isolation-Residences, Community Noise abatement, Road & Urban Noise abatement, Traffic Noise Abatement, Soundproofing.


If TIME is your protagonist then BEAU XPANSIVE Projects or Services are made for you. Beau XPansive offer quick, fast, easy, efficient, larger cover and next level perfections in instances. Quick Sonic tests with originality resolves (A standardized procedure for measuring & testing sound pressure, waves, reflections and so on) are available on booking.

BEAU XPANSIVE: Value Starts from INR 79999/- Upwards. This distinctive service is available on demand for Luxury Home Cinema, Corporate Spaces, Work Spaces, Entertainment Spaces, Educational Spaces, Residential Spaces, Healthcare and Industrial Spaces. A Direct Site Visit with immediate 3D Rendering with walkover will be provided as per the applications requirement.
Pay QUICK Get Solutions QUICKER. Call us Now on +919848083140. Apocalypse Terms of quality Service will be applicable.

OUR SERVICES: We define it as, Creative velocity equals to Accelerative beau ideal. We are the Makers of Perfection.

SERVICE NO:2-REGULAR or CONVENTIONAL PATTERN SERVICES-Standard time lines will be applicable.

GENERAL AEANCAcoustical, Electroacoustic, Audio Video and Noise Control BASIC consultancy perfections start from a price value of INR 19999/- Upwards as per application essentials.This Solution works towards: Enhancing sound reproduction, reduce sound transmission, sound reflection, Control noise and vibration to deliver optimum acoustical environments, indoor and outdoor. Call us to know more on +919848083140.

ROOM ACOUSTICS: VALUE BASED solution with predictive modelling. Starts @INR 249999/- Lacs Upwards. SOW: Room acoustics describes the behavior of sound and its waves within a room or space. We define it and its boundaries.

ROOM CORRECTION: Value Based Solution. Starts @INR 179999/- Upwards. SOW: Room or Space Correction shall be limited to Tests, Analysis and definitive specified Correction by using fundamental concepts of wave propagation using Bonello Criterion.
ARCHITECTURAL ACOUSTICS: Pro Value Grade Solution. Starts @INR 679999/- Upwards. SOW: Declaration shall be to achieve good sound within a building, building skin envelope, Inter space noise control, Interior space acoustics and addressing Mechanical equipment noise.
ACOUSTICAL SIMULATION (Auralization): Predictive Modeling (Pre & Post) virtual acoustic models. Starts @INR 339999/- Upwards. SOW: Auralization is a procedure designed to model and simulate the experience of acoustic phenomena rendered as a sound field in a virtualized space.
ACOUSTIC MEASUREMENTS: Pro Value Grade Solution. Starts @INR 199999/- Upwards. SOW: Analysis of sound and acoustics plays a role in every engineering task. Audio and acoustic analysis includes, fractional octave analysis, sound level measurements, power spectra, frequency response measurements, and transient analysis. Results are viewed on waterfall displays, color map displays, and octave graphs.
BUILDING SYSTEMS NOISE & VIB CONTROL: Acoustical Engineering Specialty Solution. Starts @INR 99999/- Upwards. SOW: Distinctive resolution for airborne, impact transmission in building structures, airborne, structure borne noise control, noise control of building systems and electro acoustic systems.
ELECTRO ACOUSTICS: Designing, Planning, Sound Systems & Sound Reinforcement–DPSSSR Value Solution. Starts @INR 339999/- Upwards. SOW: Basic Content of COGNITION for every performance sound system is that, it should not necessarily make sound louder and produce distortive sound waves, but should provide equal, intelligible sound for all.
PSYCHO ACOUSTICS, SPEECH & MUSICAL ACOUSTICS: DESIGNING, CONCEPTION and BLUEPRINT Grade Value Solution. Starts @INR 179999/- Upwards. SOW: Includes Designing, Modelling, Integration of components and elements at one go.
NOISE CONTROL or Noise MITIGATION: Pro Grade Solution. Starts @ INR 119999/- Upwards. SOW: The effective model for noise control is the source, path, and receiver model by Bolt and Ingard. We expertise in this model.
PLANNING: Psychoacoustics, Surround Sound, Sound Localization and Cognition of Music- Pro Grade Solution. Starts @INR 199999/- Upwards. SOW: works out mainly on the missing fundamental of harmonic series.
AIR QUALITY TESTING for Gas Monitoring and COVID Particles-Molecular: Pro Grade Solution. Starts @INR 29999/- Upwards.

SERVICE No:3-EXUBERANT PATTERN SERVICES-Unseasonable time lines will be applicable.

WORD OF CAUTION: This Luxury Audio is not for the faint hearted its only for the Audacious.



SIX premium prestigious brands -JBL Synthesis, Mark Levinson, Revel, Lexicon, Arcam & Elipson – come together to offer the most advanced high-performance audio systems available. From the finest stereo listening to state-of-the-art multichannel home theater systems.

This conscious design of purpose are DEDICATED TO THE ART OF PERFECT LISTENING, this new Luxury Audio Reference Studios offers premium listening experience in a modern and dynamic environment. Featuring an original spatial concept based on a musician’s loft and the science of sight and sound from Dolby, these singular, curious, peculiar technologist made studios showcase the most exclusive luxury systems and speakers from premium Luxury Audio brands including a state-of-the-art DOLBY Basic 5.4.4 home theater experience to the Luxurious 15.4.8 DOLBY ATMOS.
Luxury Audio products are perfectly tailored to the needs of true audiophiles that appreciate the combination of PURITY IN SOUND for creating an artistic audio experience. Call us on +9195625831430 to Experience DELIRIUM.


Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value. ALBERT EINSTEIN.
Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe. ALBERT EINSTEIN.
The way to get started is to quit talking and begin. WALT DISNEY.
Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without. CONFUCIUS.
Without music, life would be a mistake. FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE.

Reach us at apocalypse@mail.org or call us at +919848083140 or +919395333255.

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