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Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp


Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp is one of the nation’s leading independent acoustical consulting and AV design firms, working with architects, engineers, facility directors, building owners, Corporates, Government and municipalities to engineer acoustically pleasing spaces. With stark expertise in architectural acoustics, noise, vibration control, and audio-visual systems design services, we help you enhance sound reproduction, reduce sound transmission, and control noise and vibration to deliver optimum acoustical environments for your buildings, facilities, and indoor and outdoor spaces.

We hear you. We Listen, research, measure, and analyze to engineer and design acoustical, architectural, audio solutions to optimize performance for the most demanding acoustical and AV spaces. Our design and planning always facilitates future system #expansions and #upgrades.

Acoustical Sciences

At Apocalypse, Precision measurement of sound transmission, reverberation, reflection, diffusion, absorption, vibration, and other acoustic metrics for acoustical diagnostics and predictive modelling are undertaken and these #Perfections are #Processed and analyzed to dedicate flawlessness.

Engineering, design, and modelling services provide architects, engineers, Corporates, entertainment spaces, building owners, and facilities directors with viable, effective, efficient perfect acoustical solutions to improve acoustics for existing and new buildings, spaces, rooms, and facilities. #Perfections #Masterminded.


Apocalypse have Designed and Developed our Complete Audio, Video, Live Production and Broadcast Spaces with pure Mastery. Their Experience in the Profession is beyond words.

Yashwanth Madabhushi. ACE ENGINEERING

Audio Sciences

Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp is a leading audio-visual consulting firm, working with architects, engineers, facility directors, CTOs, IT groups, and user groups to design custom audio-visual systems for healthcare, higher education, corporate, and other venues. We design integrated AV systems for spaces—so that speech, sound, music, and visual media are delivered with acoustical and visual clarity and brilliance. #Perfections #Processed.

Luxury Home Cinema

At Apocalypse, Its, More Than Four Walls, its all #about #Science.

The #ability to precisely #locate each reproduced sonic cue or image in a three-dimensional space is defined as acoustical focus. Recordings contain many such #images #superimposed side to side and front to back in every #direction for 360 degrees around the listener. A system is said to have pin-point focus if, from the perspective of the listener, each of these images is properly sized, precisely located, and not wandering.

In fact, most of the design professionals with whom we work engage Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp on a wide range of typical, every-day projects. Our acoustical engineering, AV design, and noise and vibration consultants work collaboratively as an extension of your team.


We asked Apocalypse for a full changeover of our age old audio system. We were left stunned with the Professional Solution from BOSE. It been more than 4 years Now, the clarity is so good.

Rev. Robinson, Chief Presbyter-Medak Cathedral
GROWORK: Premium Co working Spaces

Apocalypse took care of our acoustical disadvantages with some amazing results even after our Premium Designers and Architects were unable to provide us with a solution. We are now the first result in every search engine!

Srinivas Cingu, Growork

Know US Better

Threshold of Salvation

Acousticians, life is like a giant game of chess. For us, nearly any situation can become an opportunity to expand our knowledge and hone our rational thinking skills.

Acoustical & Audio design is like a big puzzle. Acousticians strive to do things their own way. They can imagine few things more frustrating than allowing rules or conventions to stand in the way of their success. Kindly note it’s the chore of brainiacs, not layman.


At Apocalypse, we develop DNA Based Designs and Solutions.

Book your consultation today, we render stark solutions for your acoustical, audio, home audio, lighting and media requirements. We offer best in Class Perfections in Noise Abatement and Vibration Control.

Business Hours

11:00 am – 3:00 pm
11:00 am – 3:00 pm
11:00 am – 3:00 pm
11:00 am – 3:00 pm
11:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • The Timings Mentioned are Indian Standard Time.
  • Greenwich Mean Time is 5 hours and 30 minutes behind of India Standard Time.
  • We are Open Monday to Friday 11 AM to 3 PM Only (IST). Due To COVID21.
  • Our Operations are Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

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