As acousticians, engineers, musicians and applied technologists we look for problems to solve. Today, we are relentlessly elevating and instinctively wanting to perfect things around us to make them more effectual and complete. We call it repairing the world. We begin here…

Our Inception: Since our first project over 23 years ago , Apocalypse and its associates has been helping individuals, corporate, businesses, media, transportation, health, entertainment, educational, defense sectors and House of Worships to build and establish audio, video, lighting, media and acoustic (AVLMA) independent but interrelated elements with interacting artifacts, they are designed to work as a coherent entity that conveys, communicates and imparts effortlessly with the receivers and are free from discordant qualities.

Our Technology: Apocalypse has been a reliable source of dependency wherever acoustics, vibrations, or speech, audio and sound quality play an important role. We are not only one of Asia’s leading service providers in the comprehensive analysis of sound and vibration; our expertise and pioneering role in the measurement and optimization of speech and audio quality in all areas of communications technology are also recognized nationwide.

Our Clientele: Our customers value the combination of cutting-edge measurement technology with decades of experience in a commercial or industrial setting. We offer scalable solutions for the specific problems posed by a wide variety of applications. As a service, our experts develop acoustic optimization approaches – in close cooperation with our customers and tailored to their individual needs.

We are the Gods of Beau Ideal.


Today 2022, we’ve grown into a stark team of qualified engineers and professionals that deliver on the distinctive characteristics of our service: designing beau Ideal resolutions and solutions excogitating high-value systems with ease, formulating immersive point source soulful connections, operating within your budget, and empathizing customer support & service that lasts long long after we’ve finished the project.

We’ve spent more than two decades of time amidst those boundaries helping communities, people and civilizations see what they want to feel and hear, so our disposition is to propose and make understand rather than engineer or capture.

We’ve worked all across our nation, giving listeners and recipients everywhere experiences they will treasure and cherish. So, let’s make your blueprint our next one.

We are the makers of perfection.

Right from the passion and intimacy of the minutely precise concert halls to the open and receptive challenges of engrossed audience of the media, good sound is achieved through collaboration of many disciplines with an intense awareness of the fluid boundaries between science and art. Science is indeed an art at Apocalypse.

With expert solutions in architectural acoustics, noise, vibration control, audiovisual systems design services, we help you enhance sound reproduction, reduce unwanted sound transmission, and control noise and vibration to deliver optimum acoustical environments for your rooms, spaces, buildings, facilities, indoor and outdoor finite boundaries.

At Apocalypse, Our measurement #methods in #room, #building, boundaries and spaces are #standardized as per #international #standards #published by #ASTM International or the International Standardization Organization #ISO and are according to the Bureau of Indian Standards #BIS. Value Pricing will be Applicable.

We’ve spent more than two decades of time amidst those boundaries helping communities, people and civilizations see what they want to feel and hear, so our disposition is to propose and make understand rather than engineer or capture……we are the makers of salvation

We’re here to HELP YOU with:


Acoustical Designing

Acoustical Comfort.

Architectural Acoustics.

Acoustical Engineering.

Acoustical Measurements.

Acoustical Modeling-Mapping.

Building Systems-Noise & Vibration Control.

Building Acoustics.

Room Acoustics.

Forensic Acoustics.

Industrial Acoustics.

Cinema Acoustics-Commercial & Residential.

House of Worship Acoustics-Synagogue, Mosque & Temples.

Club Acoustics-Dance and Night Clubs.

Electro Acoustics.

Visual Acoustics.

Speech Intelligibility.


Room Correction Services

Acoustical Predictions-Wave Equations & Room Modes.

Proficient designing using inclined engineering. Paid Services


AV Technology-Designing.

AV Infrastructure-Planning and Design.

Audiovisual Systems-Designing.

Audiovisual Systems-Commissioning.

Owner’s Representative Services.

Workplace-AV & Media.

Conference &Board Room AV Solutions.

Dance & Night Club AV Solutions.

House of Worship AV Solutions.

Cinema AV-Home and Commercial.

Cabling Infrastructure: Design & Commissioning.

Predictive Modeling-Sound Energy and Sound Field.

AV system Design with Prediction.

Luxury Seating.

Digital Signage.

Fiber optic Lighting.

Doing more with less is part of our DNA-Paid Services


Noise Measurement.

Noise Monitoring and Mapping

Noise Mitigation and Isolation.

Acoustical Modeling.

Vibration Measurement.

Vibration Isolation.

Noise Isolated-Work spaces.

Noise Isolated-Residences.

Community Noise abatement.

Road & Urban Noise abatement.

Traffic Noise Abatement.


Perfections Masterminded for better tomorrow-Paid Services.


Air Quality Testing

Air Quality Monitoring

Ecological Researchers: Behaviorism-Cognitive & Social Ecology

hysterical neurosis, noise, rains, storms, pandemics , wars, calamities, laws of earth & laws of death redemptive solutions with Laws of #Variable #Acoustics @apocalypseglobal

We are the Gods of Beau Ideal

Reach us at +91-40-66621266. Mobile: +91-93953 33255. Email : apocalypse@mail.org

Direct: Hyderabad: +919848083140. Vijaywada and Vizag: +918498013140.  Thiruvananthapuram: +9195625 83140

Email :apocalypseglobal@gmail.com or apocalypse@consultant.com


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